I Really Mean It

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


You ever like some one, and you wanted to give them the world
I actually felt this way about a certain girl
I liked her so much it always drove me crazy, and the words in my head couldn't be contained
Now I that I don't have her I feel like I have a big ass scar in my brain
They say what don't kill you make you stronger
Sometimes I wish that our relationship could have actually been longer
I didn't think I would ever feel like this again in my life
I feel like the girl I cared about sometimes more than myself stabbed me in the heart with a knife
I'm talking to y'all on some real grown man shit
She isn't one of those average chicks she actually to me the definition of a bad bitch
I honestly don't think I will ever feel this way about anybody
Being with her Always made me feel like I'm somebody
If you ever felt like this I know you understand
When you try to reach for some one you care about but they don't accept your hand
Sometimes in life I guess it be like that sometimes
Best thing I can do is pick my face up and get back on my grind

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