Courtney's Desire

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One day as I walked through the park I saw one pretty rose
A Rose is one of the most beautiful of all flowers
From a distance It smelled like Brown Sugar fig that played with my nose
I picked it so I could study it's mysterious powers
Later on in the day I found out it she was called Courtney's Desire
I took her home and put her in vase full of water right next to my bed
I don't think I could get rid of her even if I was to light Courtney on fire
I have this rose in my heart for the longest but for some reason it's like it will never be dead
Courtney's Desire to me was my only symbol of love
You been around me so long and you never died all you do is grow and grow
Your beautiful scent can't get me higher then any pigeon or any dove
We been through alot and your fragrance does nothing but clean my soul
One nite as I sat down I wrote a Poem about Courtney's Desire I wrote about her because this rose is something admire
A rose is a rose every day, every night
You too are the same, except different in my sight
You are like a rose, such a beautiful creation
But your just a woman in disguise with a perfume that cure a nation
So show your beauty, for I know what you are
You are a woman in disguise, and this has all been a my big surprise

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