Perfected Sex

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One nite I came home from a long day at work and there was something that I realized
When I put the key in the door I saw two girls sitting in my couch with the most beautiful smile
I knew something wasn't rite but I wasn't the one to complain
When I notice that one of these bitch wanted me I said here we go again
I stepped to her and started to whispering in her ear and licking her neck
Living Room started to get real hot and all I wanted to do was bite her and she scratch me I'm sure y'all can see what's coming up next
I stop wasting time and took her to my bedroom
I started playing with her pussy and we both know that orgasm is coming real soon
I ran my tongue from her neck down to her breast
I'm pushing my dick in and she is already telling me im the best
Don't forget I told you that there were two girls in the crib
Well the other girl came in and I started playing with her clit
In one nite I had both girls pleased and at the same time I was respected
My homie Trey Songz may have invented sex but this something I perfected

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