Sooner or Later

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You have a hard decision to make I wonder who it will be
Sometimes I don't care but then I tell myself I hope it's me
I want to tell you that you don't need no one else
I really just want to keep you the angel of my dreams to myself
Sometime when Your with him I realize that I waited to long
And I don't want you to move on
I hope we won't be here forever
You have a decision to make sooner or later
We argue and laugh all the time and I wonder what will be
I want to kidnapp you to my world but that would be stingy
I'm tired of hiding our relationship and what I think is right
I want you to be my girl and I want to share my heart with you as if it's the last slice
I can pretend that what we have is all good, but I know what we have isn't bad
Sometimes I wonder about you and him and where yall can relationship is really at
I guess this is jus my jealous side talking to you about the situation
I never ever acting like this, that was somthing I thought I should mention
What I really want you to be able see
No matter what I will be here all you gotta do is holla if you need me
I'm tired of this run around because we live in a lonely world
I always ask myself don't you want to be my only girl
You are all I need and I will never let go
I'm not talking shit this is just Something I need you to know
Maybe in our future it will be nothing but laughter
But like I said before you will have to make decision Sooner or Later

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