Sucidal Writing

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When your reading this letter I should be face down on my desk
So now you ask yourself what is there for me to do, what is left ?
As you watch the fluid leave my head do you wonder what else I could of possibly said
What else I could of actually wrote down that may of kept me from being dead
Now that I'm gone Its time to see how far these writings actually take me
Will I be remember for all the laughs and good times that I made everyone see
I regret that I didn't get to finish most of things that I wanted to accomplish
Now I'm going to leave the paper forever to let these other BiC's talk all the shit
As you read this do you stare and wonder Or even ask yourself does he deserve a burial
Or should I just go to the closet and prepare for another BiC pen's funeral
Should I Write till I break the head off this pen and see if the words will speak to me again
Or perhaps I should just get a ball point so that I will know my words will never end

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