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This definetly the type of woman that I need as my beautiful wife
I actually need someone that will always be by my side for the rest of my life
That beautiful woman that stands out more that every other girl
The one that a man is ready to cut all the bullshit and put her in his world
One day we will wake up see someone that is so beautiful and nice
And you might want share you heart with her even if it's the last slice
We all search for our very own Cinderella not knowing that she could be right there in front of us
Could probably be the only girl after you mother that you can honestly trust
You will know when you find her, because she will have your heart
And the love will never be seperated even if you both are worlds apart
I believe that ever woman starts off as a there own version of Cinderella
They're just waiting for prince charming that has that glass slipper

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