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Having a massage is one of the greatest feelings that a woman could ever feel
So when you come over, I'm going suggest that you have one and ur wetness will be conceal
I will lay you down on your stomach slowly, and be prepared to work my masterpiece
I'm going to make you feel like this is the place that you would always want to be
Next move is for me to get the baby oil and pour it down your beautiful curves
When I run my hands up your body all I want to do is rattle your nerves
After taking care of the back I would love to focus on the lower counterpart
As I spread your legs just a little bit I use the tip of my thumb fingers to touch your clit and spread them apart
As I caress your lips I notice everytime you take that deep breathe
Reading this you my think I'm doing all of this for one reason and it's about sex
This is just the beginning, me getting her ready for what is to come next
Pour some more baby oil over her Lusious body just to make sure I turn her on just right
Also to get her prepared to have something bigger and better all night
Any man that wants to give their woman a massage knows what they're trying to do
And women love this feeling it's like one of there craziest fantasies come true
Now that this beautiful womans back is all lathered up with body oil
I want her eyes close an her to turn over on her back I refuse to let her night be spoiled
I start from her breast and slowly place my hands down her stomach
Now that she is all heated up and ready all you have to do is rubb it ;)

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