Run Away Love

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Have you ever had a run away love, someone that was your friend your whole life
But at the end he/she turn out to be someone that makes you feel so right
When you both were young there was nothing that could every seperate you
It seemed like you both would be permanent on each other like a tattoo
When someone said that he/she will be the person that you would spend your life with real soon
You always said "hell no this is not the person I would ever call my boo"
Little do you know it only takes one moment to change everything
One moment that could change a strong friendship into a lot of things
This person that was once your bestfriend is now your secret lover
And like someone once told you, he/she will one day be yours forever
The bad part that really sucks is now that you found your true feelings
He/she is moving and in a couple of weeks your about to lose the simple things
As you sit down and cry realizing how much Pain is really Love
You say to yourself if this is true nothing can stop us not even the Man above
You pray to heavenly god that the one man that you will always trust
Will never let you the love you have for him/her turn into dust
But if you believe that this relationship is as pure as any dove
Then you know that this will never ever be a Run Away Love

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