I Pour My Heart Out To You 2

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God, These prayers come from all of us.
Someone prays on our behalf, but the prayers belong to everyone, and come from our hearts more than from our mouths.

Today as she prayed to God, I was wondering why is it that I could hear every word she was saying
It seemed like she was asking me to come save her from the problems she was having
As she started crying I could feel the tears running down my eyes
I could feel every single Painful experience that she was going through as If they were mine
I Asked God to please tell me what was going on with my body
I got no response it seemed like no one could help me I felt so lonely
I remember that I asked God, could he help me take her pain away
And as a result I understood that all her wounds were making feel this way
I love this girl I no longer want her to feel this unnecessary pain
So I vowed to take it all, she is to beautiful she shouldnt feel this pain ever again
As I bled and bled I knew that her future would be very prosperous
Knowing that her days would be better and that her pain was going to be continous
I didn't care about the outcome that I was going to have, but I do care about her
As my life slowly sleeps away all I could hear was her prays, she was asking for a better future
Before my eyes began to close I said one more prayer and I knew this was my last
Dear God, please forgive me for what I've done but this woman needs to live her life to the fullest, I do this for her. She will always be my love and I hope you let me in so I can be her overcast.

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