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Hello to everyone that reads my blog, I just wanted to tell everyone how my much I apperciate you. I do this because I honestly love to and I feel likeI need to say things that most people can't. God put me here for reason and I believe that I have found my purpose. I love my poetry the way I love my mother and I want you all to love my poetry the same way. I hope that one day i can get notice for all the work that I put into my poetry, because I feel like I have alot to say to the world. The poetry that I put on this blog doesnt compare to what I have in store if I was given the opportunity to be heard. What I'm asking is for my readers how ever much I actually have, can you please help spread my words tell people about what you read. Tell them how different I am from other poets. Tell them I write poetry with a hip hop urgency, tell them how I feel There is No Competition. If given a chance none of these other poets would heard about. Explain to them when they read my writings the words make their blood run, make their eye tear, make them laugh. I want you to just tell them I make you feel good all the time.
At the end of the day that is all that matters.

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