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She is more beautiful than the word, but there isn't enough words to describe her beauty
This is how special she is to me, her picture is the definition of beauty In dictionary

I think this is the one I was looking for in the past twenty - one years
I can write scriptures on how much she really means to but I don't think anyone else cares
But Im tired of holding it all inside it's time for me to stop bottling my emotions
I need a woman because I been with alot of girls but I always got my heart broken

I promise I will show her places and introduce her to my dreams
Turn those dreams into reality and make her my righteous queen
Put her in one of my poems explaining how we will be friend forever
And maybe that will oneday lead to us being together

I met her over Twitter but I feel like she is the coolest
You never know in the future she might turn out to be my bestest

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