The way I feel About You

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This happen a while back but this poem is about a girl that i swear be pissing me the fuck off, but no matter what i care about her a lot...  i never really felt like this at all about her...

Today was the first time i ever really got mad at her..
But seeing you mad, made me go crazy 
i dint know what to do...
This feeling I have cant be control for to long..
because i see the feeling s that you have for me are very strong..
When I'm with you i feel like its just me and you all alone..
I feel like every poem that i write about u is a love song..
There is something about you that i cant figure out..
But i promise i will be around until it comes out your mouth..
When people see us they say we are beauty in disguise..
your mine and i want to claim you as my prize...
Maybe its your attitude that makes me a little mad at you..
Sometimes my gratitude makes me want to spend cash  on you..
Take you on a trip across the longitude and latitude...
But i honestly i just always want to be around you..

 See this the only way i can explain how i feel about her she drives me crazy damn.. i want her rite now and only she knows..... i think the player in me as died

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