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Why is that people suffer?
Is trust not as strong as it should be?
Why love someone when it melts like butter?
A waste of time is what love is to me

Like Trey said black rosesfor this dying love
When will love be pure and inncent as a dove?
Its true what they say " Life Isnt Fair"
Its a waste of time because no one really cares

The love that I once had is gone like the wind
I thought when you love someone you use whats with in
I kno now until One as a grown state of mind
No relationship will have a strong bind
So again that is a big waste of time

The respect I have for you is a empty box of chocolate
I wish I got to show the type of love One should get
I feel like I was violated and my words are stabbing me in my spine
Basically I feel like it was a big waste of time

I cant sleep, cant eat dont no what to say
I wish I cant feel  your heart for a million miles away
For some apparent reason I cant erase the pain
I feel like it was a big waste of time again

Dont take this personal I just think Pain Is Love
that is the end of this rhyme
wait.... It is a still big waste of time..

A wise Nigga kisses but doesnt love, Listen but doesnt
belive and leaves before he is left... sometimes people for get that

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