Fame and Fortune

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People tend to change as the seasons
They forget about the ones that have always truly cared for no reason
Get a little fame and fortune and forget where they came from
Act like strangers, and look pass all the things that we have done
But even with all that money I know sometimes you get lonely
And your mind becomes your worst enemy
I guess it's true that your head can become a scary prison
The anticipation of my presence are just conjugal visits and also a minds poison
With every flash of the camera and quote written about you in an article

You wish that you can getaway and be isolated in your own circle
But when it gets to that point you always seem to come back to me
We lay in bed and talk about all kinds of mysteries
What would it be like if this and that had happened ?
And why did you ever live me in this world abandoned?
A true friendship will last through any type of weather that GOD throws at you
But we must know that there will be some encumbrance that will stop the things we want to do
“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”
A broken friendship will cut deeper than any wound
So I reiterate my opening statement seasons change and people do to

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