My BitterSweet Poetry

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What I want so much shouldn't hurt this bad
I want to give you life that you never had
Show the world something that it has never seen
How a good heart can sometimes be so mean
I just want a chance to finally be heard
Give my people life with these powerful words
When I was younger I used to have these dreams
I loved to imitate everyone's poetry
Not knowing that one-day this would be my destiny
Before getting where I am now my life was bittersweet
Drinking out the bottle of hennesey and taking ecstasy
Getting arrested for the little stupid things
Stealing money and not working for my own earnings
That was once my life until the lord finally opened my eyes
He told me that I should believe in my own truth and forget everyone's lies
I swear Bittersweet it's going to be the death of me
Every now again I need GOD especially when it's an emergency
I don't want you but I need you, love you and I hate you at the same time
But I've learn to grow up and change my life
I've learned to see the greatness in people even when I close my eyes
Born To Lose But Built To Win
My Bitter Sweet Poetry will never come to a end


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