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Dear, ACE

It feels terrible that the love that was once there as finally faded away
We have been through so many ups and downs but this is finally the day
I have finally got you out of my life and now it's time to live it
It took me long enough to realize that I was being foolish
All my friends are proud that I have opened up my eyes
Because this whole time all you were doing was making me cry inside
You had such a control over me, and can't believe that I let that all happen
Can't believe I let you take me to a point where my heart as been broken
The love I had for you was stronger that any drug
In the begin you made feel like I was dancing the jitterbug
You believed that all this time you could walk all over me
If you really loved me still seems to be a mystery
Now that I'm not on your side you want to send me a few letters
But now I'm becoming a woman so I need to treat myself better

You turn into a ghost right in front of my eyes
Slow but surely you ripped up my inside
As I write this I can't help to cry and that shows that I'm vulnerable
But I don't need you because I know true love is achievable
Now that I opened up my eyes today it's to late because you have faded away

So go on and be gone because I have moved on to something special
I know now that being with you was accidental
You will one day realize what you could have had in me
Nothing you write shows me any sympathy
So please I beg you to just leave me alone
For right now that's the way I belong

ACE you have...
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