Chase Your Dreams

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Chase your dreamsChase your Dreams

I use to dream of being a millionaire now all I dream of is making it
I use to dream of finding true love but now I see how much I hate it
Now I dream of all the beauties that you can find in peoples heart
I use to dream of being poor on the streets, now I dream of people and what tore them apart
I use to dream about all these material things
I know that one day when I have it all it won't mean anything
I use to dream of having a girl and
washing her in diamonds and pearls
All I dream about now is taking my mother out of this dangerous cruel world
All I want to do now is chase my dreams and be something in life
Teach people new things and show them how unfortunate people see with blinded eyes
The only way to make it out of the black clouds to see what sun really looks like
We must stop getting knock down by adversity and get up and fight
Better ourselves because times are so are hard
Do whatever it takes to help yourself get far
Instead of imaging a beautiful world of possibilities
If it's possible make this beautiful world in your imagination a reality..

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