The Last Seconds

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Me and her had complicated life together, but I always loved her
I don't know what seperated us, what push us away from each other
I wish I had a had a remote that could control this life that I live in
I would stop alot of these females from saying these stupid things
Fast foward on all of these lame dudes
And use DVR to record and watch over and over all the things that was good
For example me and you spending every minute and every second together
I wish we had made things between us better...

We argued last night and said alot of things that we didn't mean
I wish I didn't say alot of things to you that wasn't so demeaning
When I left the house I reminice about all the good times we had
Maybe I should have turn back, then I wouldn't be feeling so bad
As I sat in the car I could feel the tears running down her cheeks
I hate myself now, knowing that it was all about me
When I stepped back in the house to tell her sorry
All her clothes were gone and she placed a letter down saying that she left me
That night I couldn't sleep all I did was think about the good times
And she was all I see when I close my eyes....

Has she drove to her mothers house crying all night
She thinks about our fight
Wondering If she should have turn around and go back
So we could fix this situation and get the relationship to where it should be at
The only problem was that night it was raining like crazy
And that caused the car to slip into traffic
If you watched this on the news then you know that it was tragic
When she tried to turn the car, a truck hit the side with the driver seat
My heart skipped a beat and woke me up out of my sleep
Now I pray to god that this was just dream

To be continued.....

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