I Fantasize

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


I fantasize that me and you will one day fly away to a beautiful place
I fantasize about waking up every morning and only seeing your face
I fantasize about us being on the beach listening to the sounds of water
I fantasize about the little things like you one day having my daughter
I picture us in the park kissing all day on the swings
And you taking me to the promise land with your pretty wings
Some people may say these are some dumb things
I fantasize about us, matter-fact take away the S, I just fantasize about U
You are in my fantasies a lot and I hope that they will come true
I fantasize about us running through a garden of  purple tulips
Us living in a wonderful world with no bullshit
I swear to you baby I promise that we can do this

Hold On...
I fantasize about seeing your name every night in the stars
I fantasize about us sailing through the streets on boats instead of cars
This is what I fantasize about because everything is possible
All of this will happen because me and you is inevitable
I fantasize about being your past, present and future
I fantasize about me and you going on a great adventure
After this poem I plan on being in your history forever
Because I know that we will always be together
I fantasize about us going away to a island using our real names
Because we have nothing to lose but everything to gain
I fantasize about taking you the sweetest place you ever known
I fantasize about you finally being my own
I hope my fantasy are not to insane
But I don't care because I cant get you out my brain
So this is why I Fantasize.... About You


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