Thankful for you

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One night as I sleep God said to me
I will send you an angel
Someone to watch over you and keep you happy
She will be just like you and very special
You and her will be totally opposite
And you will have to put up with alot
But she will be in your life for a while not jus for a visit
She will take a big part of you heart and that will be her spot
God also said to me that you have to prove your love
Once that's proven you and her hearts will soar
God said "Ackeem she is not a pure as a dove"
But she will be the one to show a whole lot more
You are an Aries and she will be your Scorpio
She will have the name of my favorite holiday Christmas also known as Noel
Once together you and her go away tokyo
But I know for sure your future with her will be very well
No matter what don't ever give up on her
Because she will always be there for you
She is the one that you really deserve
And she is your dream come true
So be thankful that you met her because I believe you will last for a lifetime.

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