New Moon

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The day we met each was one of the greatest days I ever been in,
We walked around in a circle for hrs trying to do something.
Got to do to know each other throwing questions back and forth,
Something about you kept me occupied and I never ever got bored.
Listening to you talk I immediatley started liking everything about you,
I guess you can call this my own version of Twilight New Moon.
There are times when I see you with anyone I want to rip their heart out,
I feel like a untamed beast who wants to just kill everyone and shout.
When I'm around you I feel like I should be the one that protects you,
This poem is starting to remind me of my own version of twilight New Moon.
I will never leave your side, this is a promise that I will make to you.
If you would just let me, the relationship that we can have will be beautiful too.
If I didn't have you with me I don't know what my life will be like,
Like you always tell me I would get over it, but my life just wouldn't seem right.
I know that It's not for sure if me and you are going anywhere,
What ever our future holds I want me and you to be there.
Maybe one day a decision about us will be mad soon,
But like I said this is my version of Twilight New Moon.
Just like the movie they're are some obstacles that I will have to get through,
I willing to fight any wolf or vampire just to show that the way I feel about you is true.
From this day we will see how our future will go on,
Because after New Moon we will have an Eclipse and everyone will see our Breaking Dawn.

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