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I like skinny jeans point blank
Navy Blue, Red, White ones or Black
Niggas that don’t like it you can pardon my back

These rappers talkin about put them skinny jeans away
But RUN DMC AND JMJ wore skinny jeans all day

I hate when niggas be like you wearing them bitch ass pants
You need to stop watching me nigga, but your bitch can

I like Levi's, Tru’s, Antiks, As long as they skinny jeans,
What you wearing? Rocawear, what are you some Jay-Z feen?

Girls wear baggy pants and she considered a bad chick
But if a nigga got on skinnies they thinking he's a bitch

I'm tired of phrases like "you look like a female"
What you want me to look like that fat nigga in D12?

Some of the greatest legends wore skinnies
Grand Master Flash, Furious Five even Michael Jack in Billie Jean

I want to take the time to shoutout the big pant niggas
We got Soulja Boy, Jay-z, Sheek Louch and Big Tigga

So if you wearing skinny jeans
Just don’t make them seem obscene
Run around bitchin, sounding like a queen
Ight ima come clean

There's something you didnt know let me shed the light
Jay-z tried to rock the scarf, white tee with jeans and they were tight

The Destiny Child didnt like it
So the nigga got on swagger like us talkin about his ballz don't fit

Trust me I'm going to rock Skinny Jeans to the end
So if you want to be successful at you need to rock the new trend

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