Beyond The Bed.. short story/poem

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As she step in my house
I felt like my heart wanted
 to leap out my chest..

Being that she was here I
knew nothing was going
to stop today from being the best..

I didnt waste anytime took
her to my room so she
can see whats in my mind..

I put my hands all over
her body so she
can feel me..

I ran my tongue from
her neck stopped in the
middle then rubbed her feet..

When we started kissing I realized
that she was wetter than a bubble bath
Im not saying this to make yall laugh...

I trying to give an idea
of what runs around
in my crazy head..

So therefore I felt like I should
take my readers that enjoy my writings
Beyond the Bed..

As I started kissing and
licking the areas that
I'm not allowed to say..

In my mind I already
knew that I wanted
to take this all the way..

I said to her that
I know she was

And I would take control
If this girl of my
dreams would let me..

 I tried to get inside her
world but she kept telling
"I know you want to but NO"

I didnt jus t wanna fuck
i really wanted
to make love slow..

I like this dream girl so
much that i enjoyed
the time that me and her spent..

Too bad that is just a dream
of what would happen
Beyond the bed..

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