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She sits at the computer every
night wondering what he is wearing and doing
Eager to type how much she
admires every poem he is writing
Each night she reads one is a
chance for her to escape to his world
She loves it there, but she use
your own imagination so he treat
her like bad girl
Every minute she refreshes her
page just to see what else he writes
Wishing that in real life her
luscious lips are the ones he bites
The room gets hotter and hotter
but her eyes never leave the screen
Her eyes go in the back of her
head, because now her hands are in her jeans
As she rubs her bosoms with
every intention of reaching her arrival
She screams out his twitter
name when her mind takes her
to a place where she is giving him oral
Her moans get louder and louder
as she continues to touch herself
With no stopping in sight, she reads and reads
hoping that his tweets would help
His next tweet says "I'm watching you"
She takes a deeper breath and reply's "watch what I can do"
In her head she knows he isn't there
So she rips her clothes and
imagines her self riding him with care
He tweets "keep playing with it"
She goes on and on till she finally climaxes and Retweet's
the tweet from Mr. Poetic Justice
She gets up logs out and goes to clean herself
The window across from hers is a
man who gets up with smile for he is proud that he helped

To Be Continued... 


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