So Cold

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I won't my baby girl back
This bed is so cold, as I lay here wondering where she is at
The sheets smell like her love spell fragrance from Victoria secrets
I need her warm lips to caress and tell her about the love I always wanted to admit
Somebody tell me what to do so I can get her back to where she needs to be
In my arms, close to my heart so I can whisper in her ear "I'm sorry"
I want the chance to feel you but not so sexually
All I want is her warm to be back next to me
If you see her tell her that I need her and how much I love her
Tell her about all the letters a wrote and titled the Your Secret Admirer
This bed as not ever been the same
It so cold feels like knives stabbing you I don't know how long I can take this pain
Can someone please tell her that I feel so alone?
Can someone tell her that she needs to come back home?
When she isn't here I have a severe case of insomnia
I feel so addicted to you, feels like nymphomania
I want a chance to know everything about you from the neck up
I want you to finally be there person that you trust
I hate being so cold, I just want to be warm with you
If you let me INDULGE  in your mere presence, I  know
that you will realize that I love you

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