Wish You Were Here(Poetry Potluck week 17)

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here to coach me to the top
Tell me the wrong things that I'm doing and how I need to stop
I remember hearing you both say don't act a fool because I will always be watching you
Now that I'm older I finally see what you wanted me to do
I wish you were here see the everything that will one day be done
I just want to hear you say that " I'm proud of you my son"
Show me the ropes and the finer things in life
Put me on the right path so I can finally open my eyes
I wish you were here to tell me things that would make me feel better
I wish you were here to tell me to get down on my knees in prayer
I miss the times you were here with me
Why couldn't the lord give you more time so you can see
I wish you were here to see all the beautiful things that have done for the family
To my grandmother and grandfather I want you to rest in peace
And know that I won't ever stop until I succeed
I love the advice that you always give me but i can only hear in my dreams
I can't wait till I come to heaven and ask for where you both are
Run into your arms and say I love you from deep down in my heart
I wish u were here to see the beautiful things that I have done
I wish I could just hear "I'm proud of you my son"
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