Sex Session In My Room

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


what s good yall havent wrote nothin in awhile and this girl request me write about sex after the club..
what ever you want me to write jus tell me and i will do my best and make them with the best of my abillities

After the club I headed to the crib.
It is 4 o'clock in morning so i called her over
before she got there I made sure i set the music in the room
first song I played was WHY I LOVE YOU
The door bell rung and i knew it was my boo
As we walked up the stairs to my room I can hear the lyrics SWEET LADY
I looked her in the eyes and said I miss my baby
Soon as i looked in her hazel eyes
I hear the song I can READ YOUR MIND
She is so beautiful and I couldnt think of nothing above
The track that played was signs of love
As i take off her clothes
All I can hear is your SO BEAUTIFUL
She whispered in my ear  saying all I want is you
As I buried myself inside her
Playing  next is ARE WE IN THIS TOGETHER
As I dug deeper and deeper she called me daddy
I stretched over and changed the song to NOBODY
When PURPLE KISSES was blasting in the air
I slowly run my tongue up and down her spine
and I licked something most people wouldnt dare
As she was shouting my name
If she dont get on me, my life is an EMPTY FRAME
When I hit it from the back I say YOU BELONG TO ME
As she sees her climax after climax she screams out your all I see..
This is just a preview of how I MAKE LOVE IN THE CLUB


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